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Are you considering remodeling your bathroom or adding an additional bathroom? BC Construction offers expert bathroom remodeling plumbing services, in addition to any relevant building codes that might apply to your plumbing projects. This is essential when choosing the right contractor.
What would you like?
A steam shower, digital shower massage system, whirlpool, instant hot water, appealing and stylish bath fixtures and-or economical low flush toilets?
BC Construction can provide services and consultation for all of those types of items and more. Tell us exactly how you want to make your bathroom more beautiful and usable, and we will get it done for you.
If you can think of a bathroom improvement or remodeling needs, we can do it. In addition, all of our expert project managers will work with you to ensure a seamless bathroom remodeling project. Our plumbers will efficiently complete every stage of your project today and in the future. Not to mention, our custom craftsmanship. Outside of installing and repairing plumbing issues, our professional plumbers can also give you relevant advice about your system. If you need a simple fix, we can help you determine which parts require replacement or if any are not functioning properly. We can keep you up to date with the latest bathroom innovations on the market. Thereby, you can make better informed choices about what products to use and install.

Home health starts with top-notch electrical care. At BC Construction our electricians will make sure your space operates at its maximum performance level. We will help you upgrade and improve your space, so it is more energy efficient and secure. Our Electricians specialize in diagnosing, repairing and installing electrical systems for local homes in California area. The friendly electricians at BC Construction will give professional recommendations to lighten up your life and not going over your budget.
You can count on us when you need an electrician. Our certified and experienced technicians are available 24/7. No matter what you need, we’ve got you COVERED! our electrical emergency will be taken care of quickly. Our team of technicians can handle all types of situations – services ranging from electrical underground service to emergency home repairs. We value your time. We believe in personal service and putting you, the customer, first in everything we do. When you schedule an appointment, our technician will arrive promptly at your home.
AC & Heating

Has your air conditioner conveniently broken down on the hottest day of the year?
Does it fail to cool your house, leaving you and your family deal with the summer heat?
BC Construction is a highly respected and reputable HVAC. With many years of industry experience under our belts, we have the resources and expertise to provide our valued clients with quality and efficient residential air conditioning repair services. We are confident that our courteous and skilled technicians will meet and exceed your expectations!
Is your HVAC systems not working properly?
Are you having issues with air conditioning unit?
Have it checked by a professional from a reputable HVAC repair. BC Construction is ready to serve your needs. Our services will make sure you can have the best performance out of your HVAC units and keep you cool and cozy, night or day.
Our HVAC maintenance services will follow a specific routine so that we can thoroughly maintain each unit that is connected to the main HVAC system as well as the entire system itself. We will be using specific methods and tried and tested techniques when maintaining the different units such as the air conditioning, ventilation, and heating fixtures. We’ll run a test first to see if everything is working fine and if there is something off, we will make the necessary repairs right away. Book our maintenance service and your HVAC will be well-maintained before you know it!

Reduce the risk of earthquake-induced damage with professionally installed reinforcement by BC Construction.

The main function of earthquake retrofit is to protect your home from sudden displaced of the concrete foundation. It helps to make the home safer and less prone to structural damage when an earthquake occurs. However, existing building has to be retrofitted because our understanding of construction techniques and earthquake safety has improved after the homes were built.
It includes House Bolting, Foundation Bolting & Cripple Wall Bracing.
BC Construction is trained and experienced in the correct assessment or evaluation of the current structural reinforcement condition of these types of structures, and has the technical skills to design and install the most appropriate structural repair or reinforcement for each individual situation. Beginning with the physical investigation at the job site, to the proper engineering analysis of the current loading conditions, to the design and implementation of construction services for the complete structural repairs, our acknowledged innovation and expertise has earned our company a prominent role in this highly specialized area of construction.
Fire Sprinkles

No matter how complex the fire sprinkler design is, our experienced fire safety team will do everything we can to protect you from a fire. When you choose us for your fire sprinkler installation, you are not getting standard fire sprinkler service from a regular fire protection company. At BC Construction, we ensure your fire sprinkler and pump systems are working from the very start and can provide the services you need to keep your fire sprinklers in top shape, every day. Our fire Sprinkler professionals design and install a fire sprinkler system that’s perfect for your fire safety needs. Whether you need one sprinkler head or one hundred, we can help keep you protected 24/7.
If you want to install a fire sprinkler system or need service on an existing fire sprinkler, we offer the following fire sprinkler services:
  • Installation
  • Design
  • Repair
  • Monitoring
  • Fire pump installation
  • Fire pump inspection

We offer a type of insulation called spray polyurethane foam insulation (SPF). This kind of polyurethane insulation is installed by spraying it on directly to your unfinished walls, attic, ect. If you are unsure of what kind of insulation you want for your home or business, we highly recommend getting spray foam insulation. The benefits and advantages far outweigh the costs of having it installed. You not only get better soundproof walls but your electricity bill will go down due to how efficient spray foam insulation is! If you have allergy or mold problems, this is the insulation for you. Having your home insulated with SPF spray foam installers, will greatly reduce the pollen or allergens coming in from the outside! When the spray foam mix is applied, it expands and fills in every crack and crevice around ducts or wherever you apply it. It not only fills cracks but it adheres to irregular surfaces. This will greatly reduce the air loss in your building and in the California climate, this means your building will be much more efficient and your power bill will be kept at a minimum in the hot season. Call today for a free estimate! Our customer’s satisfaction is GUARANTEED.

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